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Experience Research

Employee experience: Shaping new work practices

Managing employee experience helps us find a way out of the endless loop of trying to catch up with the latest HR trends and helps come up with our own solutions. This article introduces to the concept of employee experience, how to bring it into action, and what we – as humans and organizations – ...

13. May 2020

visualization of a cloud and a heart with text "expectation vs. experience"

Ask Marc – about experience research

In this session we give an introduction on how to do experience research. We talk about the differences of qualitative and quantitative research and why both of them are interdependent and crucial for an organization. And of course we answer all user questions, such as when to use which UX research methods, examples of ethnographic ...

5. May 2020

Remote experience research

Experience research is more important than before, as we need to deeply understand new contexts and act accordingly. As a researcher, we have the opportunity to learn more about behaviors and change products and services responding to crises. We have the knowledge and power to act responsibly and care about customer and employee experience. Nothing ...

15. April 2020

Two people discussing a visualization of a customer experience

The basics of customer experience research

Improving customer experience needs a deep understanding of the entire customer journey and makes structured research the key to success. Customer experience is influenced by multiple online and offline channels, and often happens along a long time frame. These facts make it necessary to carefully evaluate what methods and tools are useful for each specific ...

11. February 2020

Ask Marc – about employee experience

In a 30-minutes webinar, our co-founder and CEO Marc answered questions on service design and journey mapping software. He talked about his experience with bringing service design to organizations, employee experience projects, creating digital journey maps, and much more. This webinar was initiated to create a place to get tips and learn from Marc’s and ...

20. August 2019

[German] Webinar: Mobile ethnography and user research

This webinar is about how mobile ethnography can help research experiences. Mobile Ethnografie ermöglicht einen Einblick in das reale Benutzerverhalten und in die Gewohnheiten von Mitarbeitern und Kunden. Mittels Smartphone werden Erlebnisse festgehalten und generieren somit einen wesentlichen Input für zukünftige Customer Experience Entscheidungen. Was erleben die Benutzer? Welche Tools werden wann und wie verwendet? ...

6. January 2019

The participant’s perspective

This is a short video about ExperienceFellow and the participant’s perspective when using the mobile app. It shows how a participant uses the mobile app on the basis of an example. The participant takes a business trip abroad and illustrates his experiences with the airline, hotel etc. in ExperienceFellow. Transcript Personal experiences don’t fit into ...

10. October 2018