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Case study: journey mapping in healthcare

17. July 2018

Case study: journey mapping in healthcare

This case study shows how the global health research and innovation organization CEL used journey mapping to design a model for scaling a mother care project in rural India.

By using Smaply for creating buyer-personas, customer journey maps and stakeholder maps, the Community Empowerment Lab (CEL) could democratize the learning process of understanding end users in difficult situations.

People don’t need messages, they don’t need information — they need a friend they can trust. If you go and tell them something, it doesn’t change anything. You need to work with them. There is no shortcut to these things — you need to navigate, negotiate. You need to nudge.

Vishwajeet Kumar
Founder and CEO of CEL

To successfully implement kangaroo mother care, the project team had to understand the behavior of many key stakeholders. Through the use of stakeholder maps, personas and journey maps, the project team could answer important questions like: Whatexperience do stakeholder groups go through? At which point of their journey do they need help? Where are interventions needed? Gaps within the service delivery were therefore identified and could be tackled by providing solutions.

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