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Emojis and symbols

24. January 2017

Emojis and symbols

Emoticons help to express emotions and to highlight important issues. 

Emojis have become a normal part of our digital communication. That’s okay, because sometimes they deliver an instant impression of a situation.

You can add add emojis to any text field, for instance journey map text lanes, but also persona’s names and descriptions and project titles. Of course also the exports will include the emojis.

Pick emojis and symbols that help you to highlight specific issues.

Example of a journey map with emojis

However, we’d suggest to not use emoticons too often – that could make your journey map look overload. Better use them as highlights, for example for the most crucial parts of the journey map.

In Smaply you can just copy and paste the emojis, e.g. from lists you find on the internet (like getemoji.com). For Mac users: the shortcut ctrl+cmd+space opens the emoji gallery.

Klaus is co-founder of More than Metrics. As an IT manager with entrepreneurial spirit, equipped with knowledge about service design, software engineering and agile project management, he takes care of managing the development strategy for our products.
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