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Events review: summer & autumn 2016

13. December 2016

Events review: summer & autumn 2016

With service design at its heart, our team visits many conferences on service design. However we aim to expand our perspective and to increasingly attend events focused on related topics, like marketing and information technology. During the last months we again had the chance to do so. We visited some of the most vivid cities all over the world to share insights on customer experience research with other practitioners. In this article you find some interesting sources we collected during our visits.


Jakob, Marc, and Catherine had a great time at the SDGC16.

Service Design Global Conference 2016 (Amsterdam, October 27-28)

Catherine, Jakob, and Marc headed to the SDGC16. Once again, the conference was filled with stories of insight gathering and ideation from the past year and of course the failures and triumphs along the way. Some of the questions the conference considered: What does it mean to practice Service Design in a Startup? How do/can you re-use research data across projects? What do multidisciplinary teams actually look like? Here are the slides from all of the presentations.

Bike congress (Chur, October 19)

Each year the key players of alpine Mountainbike tourism meet in Chur for the “Mountainbike Kongress”. This year it was all about business models and ecosystems. Klaus held the closing presentation and talked about how Service Design could help to gather a common understanding and get all key players involved for better services.

Information Architecture Conference (Berlin, June, 3-4)

Marc opened the second day of the German IA Conference with a keynote on the importance of research and prototyping in service design. Even though a large part of the audience was still just recovering from a great conference party the night before, apparently the audience agreed with Marc’s statements.

Service Experience Camp 2016 (Berlin, November 18-19)

Kathi, Marc, and Steini participated in the SXC16. People could visit them at their booth, discuss their service design cases, and put sticky notes with their feedback on the conference onto the the conference journey map.

You can find a journey map with the feedback the participants of the conference shared with the organizers here.

Further the team also invited to a workshop on Service Design in Startups. They asked participants to collect the tools they use for service design in their company – a task which somehow escalated quickly 🙂

Marc also gave a talk on Service Design and startups. You can find the respective slides here.


What happened while Marc was pitching the barcamp session. Found on Twitter.

service design tools

The result of the workshop: service design tools of startups, ordered by importance and frequency of use.

Workshop: Visualization  (Innsbruck, August 29)

Practice what you preach and create shitty first drafts. That’s why our team took part in a Visualization workshop in Innsbruck, conducted by Mauro from Service Design Berlin, and learned how to quickly illustrate scenes in a comprehensive way. You find some lovely pictures of the workshop here.

Service Experience Conference 2016 (San Francisco, November 3-4)

In his talk about “Service Design and Startups: This Lean Agile Design Thingything”, Marc gave some insights into how we practice service design in our daily work at More than Metrics. You can watch his talk, or have a look at the slides.

Executive School: This is Service Design Doing (Amsterdam, October 17-21)

Catherine and Alex attended the TiSDD executive school in Amsterdam in October. It was a very pleasurable experience with lots of fun and valuable insights for both of them. As a service design nerd, Catherine jumped right into the topic and was very eager about learning things and practicing them. But also for our software developer Alex the contents provided some very valuable input for his everyday life: understanding customers, finding and assessing ideas and prototyping them in a very agile environment.


Alex, Marc and Catherine after a long day and night of creativity.

Service Design Conference (Hong Kong, September 29-30)

Marc co-facilitated parts of the first service design conference in Hong Kong together with Lauren Currie and Adam Lawrence. At the conference you could really feel that service design is just taking off in Hong Kong. Here you find a nice summary video of the conference.

The organizers behind this conference, Patti Hunt and Kristin Low from On-Off Group, are working hard to build the local service design community. They talk about doing service design in Asia at this recent episode of the Service Design Show.

We’re looking forward to many exiting events we’ll participate in in the future. You find a list of our upcoming events on Facebook.

Katharina takes care of marketing and communications at More than Metrics. With her background in business and psychology she loves both logical as well as empathic thinking.
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