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These were our last events. Spring 2016.

27. June 2016

These were our last events. Spring 2016.

With service design at its heart, More than Metrics’ team attends many conferences on service design, but also events focused on closely related topics, like UX and market research. During the last months we visited some of the most vivid cities in Europe to share insights on customer experience research with other practitioners.

QRCA Worldwide Conference in Qualitative Research, Vienna

Only few weeks after his first day at the company, Tobi already represented ExperienceFellow at QRCA in Vienna. Great job, Tobi! 🙂


UX Lisbon

We continuously strive to heighten people’s consciousness for the importance of offline experiences, even when the conference is mostly about online experiences.

User experience conferences always imply valuable discussions on cross-channel service design. So did UX Lisbon, which Marc joined as a speaker.


TFF – TourismFastForward, Mayrhofen

Tourism is an area for which mobile ethnography is extremely useful, thus we regularly enjoy attending tourism conferences. Adapted to the conference’s focus on “mobility in the digital customer journey”, Steini did a talk on the possibilities available to discover weak parts of the digital customer journey in hospitality.

Conference on Negotiation and Leadership, Harvard University

At this Harvard University conference, Marc gave a talk on service design and leadership and together with Markus Hormeß a workshop on how to use journey maps as a boundary object in negotiations. Besides a great conference with amazing people and talks, he found it interesting to see the raising interest on service design and the question how to integrate it in corporate structures and processes.


ServDes, Copenhagen

Northern Europe is a hotspot for service designers, thus conferences are on a really high level. Hardy and Klaus joined ServDes Copenhagen.

The conference had a great research background, thus papers presented showed where the field of Service Design is heading. It became clear that Service Design is not just important for corporations, but plays a role for SMEs and governmental organizations too.

One paper which Hardy impressed was Data-Need-Fit by Kathrin Mathis on how to use data gained to create possible new services within a company.

There was a second paper which impressed Klaus. The service information canvas was presented in the context of time-critical incidents. It was presented by Petra Björndal (Linköping University). By taking an emergency in an underground mine they as an example, they mapped the journey of each stakeholder and the information each individual has at a certain stage. By following this technique it is easy to find information bottlenecks and fix them.


Design Thinking Summit, Graz

Klaus and Kathi visited the three-day workshop on service design conducted by blueLAB Graz. Klaus gave a workshop on CX research and the different available tools. In teams of two participants explored the possibilities of contextual interviews, participant observations and mobile ethnography.

If you want to summarize in one sentence, it’s:

If you can only do one thing in a service design project, do research.

Adam Lawrance

Start-up class #10, Innsbruck

Marc gave a talk on his story and lessons learned of starting a business at the start-up class #10 in Innsbruck. He gave some tips for students thinking about founding their own company.

His three concluding tips were:

1. Prototype and test with real users, 

2. Challenge your f***ing assumptions. Do research! 

3. First build a f***ing product – then a company.


Katharina takes care of marketing and communications at More than Metrics. With her background in business and psychology she loves both logical as well as empathic thinking.
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