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New features: Excel export and sharing

2. September 2016

New features: Excel export and sharing

We just launched two new features that enable you to dive deeper into your data and share your journey maps with others. 

You’ll find these tools on the upper right corner of the app: the export manager and the sharing manager.


Both features are available for the Regular Plan and the Enterprise Custom Plan (find out more about the plans here). If you’re using the Starter Plan, you can register for the trial version or upgrade your account in order to see how the features work.

Excel export

Exporting a journey map to Excel (i.e. as a CSV file) might advance your work because it makes it easier to calculate with the numbers of the emotional lane and dramatic arc. This quantitative analysis can support your findings and make numbers directly comparable.

With the new Excel export, Smaply adds to the PDF export and broadens its export types. The Excel export includes all the information of your journey map, converted to text and numbers. Furthermore the storyboard is included as single pictures.

This is an example of an Excel export:


Share your journey maps with stakeholders

Asking for feedback during your journey mapping process can result in more detailed views and less bias. Sharing your customer journey maps with your stakeholders helps you to do so. By sharing journey maps you can show your current state of work to others and discuss it afterwards. Hence it can help to collect other stakeholders’ feedback and ideas.

Smaply now allows you to send your stakeholders a read-only version of the current status of your journey map. You can do so by using the share manager in the upper right corner.

Smaply Excel export of a journey map

By sharing the generated URL with others, they can access your journey map at any point of time – however they can only read but not change it!

If you make changes in the journey map, you do not have to generate a new URL – they can simply click on the Refresh button (you only have to use a new URL if you stop and reactivate sharing – learn more below).


You can always check if the journey map you’re working in is shared or not by looking at the sharing manager: if the manager is active, it will be highlighted in green.


You can also stop sharing, which means that others can’t access the contents anymore. If you do so, please mind that the link is not valid anymore – once you reactivate sharing you get a new one.

You can try the read-only version out and see one of our journey maps here.

Klaus is co-founder of More than Metrics. As an IT manager with entrepreneurial spirit, equipped with knowledge about service design, software engineering and agile project management, he takes care of managing the development strategy for our products.
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