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Video tutorial: how to create a journey map

4. October 2018

Video tutorial: how to create a journey map

In this video you learn more about  journey mapping in general as well as about digital journey mapping.

In a journey mapping process teams need to

  • decide about the scope of the journey map
  • choose a persona to focus on
  • think of the single steps your persona takes
  • decide about lanes to illustrate more details

After working with pen and paper, way too often the results are forgotten or simply neglected because it is to difficult to visualize them without having a designer working on it for a week, where no changes can be made afterwards.

A digital journey mapping tool increases the ease of use and flexibility of the journey map: changes can be made at anytime and by everyone (even when working remote), teams can collaborate in a digital environment and have presentable exports within few minutes.

This video guide through this process and how to avoid getting stuck in implementation.

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