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Nepalese evening n°3

28. September 2016

Nepalese evening n°3

The same procedure as last year – the same procedure as every year. But still one of the best dinners of each year!

Yesterday we celebrated our yearly Nepalese evening. Salina and Hardy prepared some fabulous Nepalese dishes for the team. It took them 5 hours to prepare everything for this evening – and it turned out to be fantastic. Even though names like Momos, Pilaw, and Aloo Dum might be difficult to remember (and to spell – sorry for eventual mistakes 😀 ) – you will not forget the delicious food behind these names.

The situation seems familiar: a bunch of people having Nepalese food in their office. However, there are some differences when comparing this year’s picture to last year’s picture.

New office

The picture was taken in the “playground” room of our new office. Since we moved into the office in January, we use this room for journey mapping, idea collection and other workshops. Now we also use it for this kind of purpose – our traditional meeting room already turned out to be too small for all the people joining the dinner 😉

Extended team

You will find a couple of new faces on the picture. Some of them use to work with us for some weeks/months already, some will join us in October – we’ll introduce them to you soon 🙂  

the Smaply team

Unfortunately some team members could not join us – sorry guys, we did not keep any food for you heehee 😉

Katharina takes care of marketing and communications at More than Metrics. With her background in business and psychology she loves both logical as well as empathic thinking.
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