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Overview Alpha is online

10. October 2016

Overview Alpha is online

We just launched the Alpha version of a new feature: Overview. 

This new section allows you to discover different angles and views of your collected data. Use multi-dimensional filtering options to unveil meaningful correlations.

Find here some examples of what you can do with the new Overview.

How do customers feel when making use of specific parts of the offering?

In order to solve this question, filter data by tags:


You see that the tag station is mostly related to negative experiences, whereas ticket is used for touchpoints that were assigned a positive or neutral emotional value.

Which issues affect customers most?

You can sort the touchpoints by number of participants affected (A), number of touchpoints affected (T), or average emotion (A):


In this case you see that orientation does not seem to be a big issue – only one participant was affected by it. The tag ticket has been mentioned 27 times by 11 participants and therefore seems to be of more importance to customers.

What are the differences between gender groups?

In order to learn about group differences, you can for example group by gender and split by emotion:


In this example you can see that the distribution of touchpoints between the gender groups is quite similar. All groups report less negative touchpoints than positive touchpoints, and also the number of neutral touchpoints is quite balanced. 

If you want to learn more about the causes of the experiences, you can do so by the mouse-over function. 

We love feedback!

Note that this is an experimental visualization we would like to share with you at an early stage. There is no export available and other features are still be built.

You can try out the new feature. It’s available for all plans and even for trial users.

We would love to hear about your insights and ideas: What makes sense, what doesn’t? Whart is missing? What do you like? Any kind of feedback is truly appreciated.

We called feature Overview however maybe you have better name in mind, so just share it with us.

Klaus is co-founder of More than Metrics. As an IT manager with entrepreneurial spirit, equipped with knowledge about service design, software engineering and agile project management, he takes care of managing the development strategy for our products.
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