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Journey maps vs. process maps

24. January 2018

Journey maps vs. process maps

Here is a short explanation on the difference of journey maps and process maps.

What is a journey map? What’s a process map?

A customer journey focuses on the actual experience the main actor (user, employee) going through a process of using your service. Therefore it always focuses on the users’ behaviour, emotions, and their desired outcome and not necessarily the companies one.

In comparison, a process map illustrates what activities need to be
done in order to complete a certain business task.

What do they have to do with Smaply?

That being said, Smaply does not allow to visualize recurring processes as in our concept that means the main actor is going to experience this specific activity multiple times, which can have an impact on the actual emotional journey and overall experience.

As an example: Image in an online banking you are prompted 3 times for a tan for the same transaction. This would, of course, lower your trust in the service as you don’t know what happened the
previous times.

If you take the time and really build a customer journey map from your main actors perspective you are going to find potential improvements in the process to provide better services.

Katharina takes care of marketing and communications at More than Metrics. With her background in business and psychology she loves both logical as well as empathic thinking.
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