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New feature: push notifications!

30. May 2016

New feature: push notifications!

Today we proudly present you a great improvement of ExperienceFellow which is going to make data collection much easier: we just launched our push notifications feature!


With this new feature, you can select the participants you would like to contact – either all participants at once, or just specific ones. You can use free text with a length of 140 characters (that’s a tweet) to
tell them whatever you think they need to know.

The feature will be enormously useful if you want to communicate directly with your participants because you want them to…

  • … report a specific experience
    (e.g. “Good morning! How was your breakfast?”)
  • … sync their data (e.g. “Yayy
    you’re online again! Let’s sync your new touchpoints!”)
  • … get some important information
    (e.g. “Did you already try out our new help desk service?”)
  • … and much more.

Now you can gain information on specific questions, and participants forgetting to sync touchpoints are not an issue anymore.

You’ll find this new feature in your main menu. Below you find a screenshot of your push notifications menu and a description of the different parts.


This is how your options in the push notifications menu look like.

Notification details: put your text here. You’ve got a length of 140 characters available (that’s a tweet).

Action: Choose what happens when the participant gets the notification (Create new touchpoint: an empty touchpoint opens. Sync touchpoints: the touchpoints your participant has already created in the past sync automatically.

Recipients: Select the participants you want to reach with your push notification. You can also select them by the number of touchpoints they’ve created.

Katharina takes care of marketing and communications at More than Metrics. With her background in business and psychology she loves both logical as well as empathic thinking.
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