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Q&A with Marc Stickdorn

3. July 2019

Q&A with Marc Stickdorn

In this 30-minutes webinar, Marc Stickdorn will answer your questions on service design and journey mapping software.

If you want to bring service design to your organization and scale it by using software, this is the right place to get some tips and learn from other people’s experience.

The focus of this session will be on using software to improve employee experience.

Marc Stickdorn is CEO and co-founder of More than Metrics, a company developing service design software for service designers / UX / CX / however you call it. As editor and co-author of the award-winning book “This is Service Design Thinking” and the second edition “This is Service Design Doing”, Marc has contributed to the development of the field for many yeas. Besides having gained many years of experience as trainer and consultant, he’s also associate of renowned service design agencies and professor at various business and design schools.

Thursday, 11 July 2019


duration: approx. 30 min

Please note: the webinar is limited to 100 participants!

Katharina takes care of marketing and communications at More than Metrics. With her background in business and psychology she loves both logical as well as empathic thinking.