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New feature: refresh data

12. February 2016

New feature: refresh data

We’ve got a great improvement of the ExperienceFellow web app for you: From now on, the data analysis in the data collection stage will be much easier.


Including the new data gathered  in your analysis whilst you were still in the data collection stage was somewhat difficult in the past. If participants
synchronized new touchpoints, those were only added to the raw data, but not to the perspectives you created and worked on. To include new touchpoints in your analysis, you had to create a completely new perspective and to add and assign your tags again, as well as your comments. You also had to rearrange touchpoints moved to get the right order, and to delete the touchpoints you did not want to include in your analysis.

With the new feature, you can refresh an existing perspective easily and add the new data gathered without losing all these adaptions created. Your existing data will keep its tags, comments and order. New touchpoints will be tagged with a timestamp (see the picture above) so you can find them immediately and work on them. This also allows you to filter the data by the timestamp tag and to analyze touchpoints according to it. So you can for instance observe weekly changes in your customers’ experience.

From your feedback we learned this is an important extension of the software, especially for longer-lasting and large projects with many journeys and touchpoints.

We hope you enjoy this new feature which will enable you to  analyze your data even more deeply.

You will find a new item in the menu that leads you to the update perspective. The summary appearing shows you the data that will be updated. You can also decide on what has to happen to overwritten or deleted datapoints.


Klaus is co-founder of More than Metrics. As an IT manager with entrepreneurial spirit, equipped with knowledge about service design, software engineering and agile project management, he takes care of managing the development strategy for our products.
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