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How to convince your boss of a journey mapping tool

26. September 2019

How to convince your boss of a journey mapping tool

You want to bring more customer centricity to your organization and need to pitch that journey mapping tool to your boss – your team, other stakeholders? Here comes a slide deck you can use to show others why and how software can help you to successfully improve your customers’ experience.

Quote on why customer journey mapping is a great way to increase customer experience

Pitching a journey mapping tool is not always an easy thing. Frequently it’s not only about the tool’s features, but also about the why and what of a dedicated software: Why don’t we just use the paper journey maps we’ve created in our workshop? We’ve taken photos, we can share them via email! We can keep track of the customer journey in a digital text document!

We’ve experienced many of such cases, and: we got your back! Here comes a presentation that will help you convince your boss of the value of a dedicated journey mapping tool.

For the quick navigators amongst you: here’s the pitch deck. Scroll down for some background information and some tips on how to use this slide deck.

The why: software for journey maps

The slide deck helps you to make the value of journey mapping software clear. We let our enterprise clients and service designers raise their voice to express their motivation of going for a professional journey mapping tool. Practitioners know it best! Besides that, we share our own experience that we’ve gained in the run of the last years: resulting from uncountable chats with our users and enterprise customers we have learned what attributes they appreciate about dedicated journey mapping software and what exactly it helps them with.

attributes associated with smaply

The who: testimonials and a case study

On the slide deck you’ll find a few of our customers and partners that will help you show your boss he’s in good company: many well-known organizations from different industries are working with Smaply to improve their customers’ experience.

If you’re looking for more quotes, case studies and key facts about Smaply users, check out our customers stories page.

The what: features of Smaply

The slides give a very quick overview on personas, journey maps and stakeholder maps in Smaply. For a more feature-focused slide deck, please drop us a line at

The when: rolling out a journey mapping software

The slide deck presents the main points to consider when rolling out journey mapping software in an organization.

First, it starts with the strategic four success factors for implementing service design – basically, what it needs to support the development of a journey mapping mindset.

success factors to implement service design in an organization

Next, it includes an operative journey map for those of you who would not only need to implement the software in a technical way, but also train their team on the tools and methods of customer journey mapping. It gives an overview on the training levels organizations might want to consider, as well as their customer journey along this process.

journey to journey operations, journey map of a potential smaply white label customer

You and we from Smaply believe in the positive impact of service design and its ability to change not just people’s experiences, but also their everyday lives and our society. Let’s see if we can welcome your boss aboard as well soon!

Please note: the file is available for download in PDF format. For the original PowerPoint / Keynote file, please drop us a line at

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