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ITB science award winner Angela Semrajc

9. March 2015


ITB science award winner Angela Semrajc

We are very happy and a bit proud that Angela Semrajc, supervised by Marc Stickdorn, won the prestigious ITB science award2015 for etourism for her MA thesis with the title

“Mobile Ethnography as a Research Tool to capture Multichannel Customer Experiences in an Online Environment”

In her research, Angela developed a framework for more holistic and profound usability testing. She discovered that using mobile ethnography (i.e. ExperienceFellow) enriches usability tests as it collects information of the real environment and context of use of websites, apps, and software.

Each year the German Society of Tourism Research (DGT) presents awards for excellent dissertations: The best dissertation, the best paper on young executives, the best paper about sustainability in tourism and the best paper on etourism. Congratulations to Angela and keep up your excellent research!

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Marc is co-founder of More than Metrics, and editor and co-author of the award-winning books This is Service Design Thinking and This is Service Design Doing. He regularly gives talks and workshops on service design and innovation, and teaches at various business and design schools.
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