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Video tutorial: the why and what of digital journey maps

22. December 2017

Video tutorial: the why and what of digital journey maps

Why are journey maps essential for successful customer experience management, and how can digital journey mapping help teams to create better services? 

Journey mapping can be a complex task, but the basics are very simple and can be explained easily in a short time. A digitized journey map is a very helpful thing to collaborate and make pain points and moments of truth for every team member visible. Therefore it is easier for everyone to improve the service by innovation.

Here is a two-minute video on the basics of journey mapping with Smaply.

If you want to experience how working on journey maps in a digital environment feels like, then make use of the the 14-day free trial of Smaply.

Get your customer journey map cheat sheet to put on your desk as a reminder.


As more companies are starting to compete on customer experience, they are turning to journey mapping. 

Journey mapping can help you illustrate the overall experience, a customer has with a service, a physical product, digital product or brand. That being said, journey maps can also be used to illustrate an employee experience. 

The best way to create a journey map is to base it on research data or with a co-creative pen and paper workshop. 

But what comes next? Usually some team member takes photos of your posters and then tries to squeeze the rich workshop results into excel or powerpoint. 

In other cases a graphic designer builds out journey maps in indesign making it less accessible for the entire team to edit, change and contribute. At this points even the greatest insights and ideas die in silence, just because they are not so accessible.

Smaply is a cloud based journey mapping software for teams who want to collaborate and build journey maps. With Smaply teams can create and customize journey maps depending on the project, they can share with internal and external stakeholders to comment on. 

They can present to their overall audience and they can improve and change depending on the feedback from their customers or collaborators. 

To improve your customer’s experience, head to

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