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Podcast: embedding service design in an organization

24. July 2018


Podcast: embedding service design in an organization

Service design as a much discussed topic offers many possibilities and room for innovation when successfully embedded in an organization.

In this podcast, one of our co-founders Marc Stickdorn together and Gerry Scullion go through the scenario of embedding service design into an organization and what Marc looks for in this process.

When it comes to sustainably embedding this way of working in an organisation, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. And it’s a damn hard marathon. It takes years to bring it really into an organisation and to change the way people work and people think. So you can only do that step by step. You need to identify who are the champions in organisations who really understand this way of working, who have an intrinsic motivation to work in this kind of way. 

Marc Stickdorn
CEO and co-founder of More than Metrics

Marc and Gerry discuss the challenges of the early stage engagement, of what to look for regarding the design maturity of an organization, where service design should sit in an organizational structure and the role of service design thinking, impact measurement and a whole lot more.

Marc is co-founder of More than Metrics, and editor and co-author of the award-winning books This is Service Design Thinking and This is Service Design Doing. He regularly gives talks and workshops on service design and innovation, and teaches at various business and design schools.